Decatur Custom Home

This home was built on the grounds of a former golf course that now serves as a family homestead. On an inlet of land between two ponds, the home's windows have been perfectly positioned to take in the waterfront views. An all-seasons room was upgraded from the original plans to include cedar planks that give this room a cabin feel. You'll notice these subtle integrations of different wood species' throughout cabinetry, flooring, and accent pieces—each with its unique texture and color. You can't help but admire the craftsmanship that makes this home unique. The copper-themed overhead lighting in the kitchen pulls in the rustic ambiance of country living. The fully finished basement, equipped with two bedrooms, an entertaining area, kitchen, and a pass-through bathroom, prepares the home for hosting friends and loved ones. Builds like this one allows us to focus on a client's cherished preferences. Preferences that ultimately make the house a custom home.