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Working at Ideal is more than a job, it is a responsibility each team member accepts.  A responsibility to continue learning and improving for our clients.   We are very meticulous in our selection process because Ideal candidates are trusted with our client's biggest investment, their home.  

We take pride in knowing that the homes we build have a life beyond the last Ideal truck leaving the worksite.  They become homes where precious memories are created and many meals are enjoyed around the dinner table. 

An Ideal employee understands the impact we've been able to make through our growth and commits to a future of opportunities.  You can read our job description for the full posting details but more so, we look forward to connecting with you and hearing how you can help us continue providing an Ideal experience. 


The Field Superintendent will report directly to our Director of Construction. The position requires effective communication and masterful dominance of multitasking. Therefore, in addition to the skills above, we are also looking for the following qualities: 

  • Effective communicator - Must effectively communicate goals and objectives to sub-contractors while also communicating with clients (homeowners) regarding updates with their build. 
  • Travel - The position does require travel to and from job sites. 
  • Perform under pressure - We love to deliver homes on time for our clients.
  • Troubleshooting - Not everything will go our way, but a person with alternative solutions is a great asset to the team. 
  • Company vehicle provided and gas allowance. 


Reports directly to our Director of Construction. 
The ideal candidate will be responsible for the following:

  • Assigned tasks related to new construction, developments, sub-contractor relations/workload, and any other construction task to be completed.
  • Handling client inquiries related to warranty and service. 


Reports directly to our Director of Construction. 
Job responsibilities include:

  • Miscellaneous tasks assigned on job sites. 
  • Site maintenance activities as well as the transportation of materials.  
  • Company vehicle provided and gas allowance. 
  • This is a floating position assigned to aid our team in completing urgent tasks.  Travel is required. 


  2. Complete fillable PDF and save on your computer. 
  3. Fill out the online form below and upload your employment application.
  4. Thank you!  Our team will review and be in touch.