53 Years as HBA Members

We recently received our certificate of membership with the Fort Wayne's Home Builders Association for the year, and we can't believe how fast 53-years have passed.  We've been a member in good standing since 1965.  Early on, we realized the importance of affiliating ourselves with an organization committed to education, advocating high standards, and creating a positive network amongst the building industry. 

Our Director of Construction, Jack Johnson, is on the Codes Committee that reviews the International Residential Building Codes (IRC) published by the International Code Council. Collectively the committee considers the latest state and national building code proposals that will form part of the IRC and provide feedback or propose changes. Their efforts carefully examine how changes to the building codes affect builders in Indiana and also how they can affect affordability for clients who wish to build a home.

The Fort Wayne branch of the Home Builders Association forms part of the National Home Builders Association.